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G&G Body Shop - Rust Repair Service in Lancaster PA

We provide rust repairs and replacement of affected areas, so not only will your vehicle pass inspection, it will have a better overall appearance. "Rust is often the leading cause of vehicles not passing inspection. We specialize in rust repair of all makes and models of vehicles in Lancaster PA. Please stop by or call us at (717) 367-4505. Appointments are never necessary for a free estimate."


Rust Repair

rust repair lancaster pa

At G&G Body Shop we will fix all your rust repair problems, from surface rust to rust-through.
When dealing with surface rust, we grind the paint off around the surrounding spot until it is bare metal. Next, we grind or sandblast the rust spot ensuring that all the rust is removed. We inspect the area to be sure there is no rust through and begin the rust repair process. From there we finish with painting.


Rust-Through Repair

rust-through repair lancaster pa

With a rust-through repair, we begin by cutting away the surrounding area of metal around the rust spot, to ensure that all the rust is gone.  Once that piece is removed, we then grind the surrounding paint, clean it, and apply a rust inhibitor, so there is no chance of the rust coming back.  We take the dimensions of the cut-out and cut a brand new piece of metal.  We then weld and apply a chemically bonded polyester filler, to fill in all the gaps, and then prime for painting, to show that flawless finish.