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At G&G Body Shop we have and continue to work with all companies regarding insurance repair work.

G&G Body Shop, in Lancaster PA, deals with auto insurance repair work, and we make things less stressful, by dealing directly with your insurance company. We have and continue to work with all insurance companies.  If your vehicle has been in an accident, received a nasty dent, or the little things that stop your vehicle from looking showroom perfect, the professionals at G&G Body Shop can get it back into shape with that brand new look.  At G&G Body Shop we have dedicated ourselves to offering the best insurance repair service. 


G&G Body Shop provides accident repairs for all makes and models of vehicles in Lancaster PA.

We understand the inconveniences of not having your vehicle available for your transportation needs. We make every effort to schedule your vehicle as soon as possible. We strive to maintain delivery dates by coordinating schedules and pre-ordering parts beforeyour vehicle arrives for repairs. This eliminates unnecessary wait time. All vehicles are vacuumed and all traces of the repair are removed before being returned to customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We hope you will share your positive experience with your friends and family. Please stop by or call us at (717) 367-4505. Appointments are never necessary for a free estimate.



We accept VISA and MasterCard for deductibles.  If you decide to deposit the insurance check into your own personal banking account, please be aware of the bank’s policies. Typically, bank policies require a hold for 10 business days before you are able to withdraw the funds.  We do accept insurance checks, providing that all parties have properly endorsed the check, prior to the pickup of your vehicle.  Please remember that you are responsible for your insurance deductibles.   Repairs must be paid in full before the vehicle is released.