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G&G Body Shop – Frame Repair Services
We specialize in frame repair for all makes and models in Elizabethtown, PA. Our body shop is equipped with a frame machine that can restore your damaged frame to new condition.
With this machine, we are able to mend the bends and to make your car look brand new. This machine straightens frame and uni-body structured vehicles, squaring the frame to put the parts back to where they properly belong.

Our Frame Repair Work

Friendly repairs, with a perfect finish every time.
All work is guaranteed.

G&G Body Shop provides top quality frame repairs, to get you back into your vehicle as quickly as possible. Our frame machine is large enough to accommodate most makes and models of vehicles.
G&G Body Shop is a full-service auto body repair shop in Lancaster PA. If your vehicle has been in an accident, we can repair it to like new condition. Feel free to Contact G&G for a free estimate.
We make every effort to repair your vehicle on time. We strive to meet delivery dates by coordinating schedules, and ordering parts in advance to cut delay time down.

Full payment is required before we release your vehicle to you.

G&G Body Shop is happy to work directly with your insurance carrier. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We hope you will share your positive experience with friends and family.

Happy Customers

“A big thank you to Roger at G&G Body Shop for making the Miata look like new again, after someone decided not to stop behind us. Looks like the day we bought it.” – Brett M.

“The guys at G&G Body Shop did a wonderful job repairing the scratches to my paint on my hot rod. You can’t even tell where they were. Thanks G&G!” – Todd T.

We have the ability to paint cars, trucks, and semi trucks

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