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As an auto body paint shop, we know there are many little things that can cause your vehicle to not look so showroom perfect, including accidents, stone chips, scratches, and scuffs. Maybe your looking to update the color or just add a unique touch to your vehicle. No matter what your paint repair needs are, we’re here to help. At G&G Body Shop, we guarantee a perfect match to your choice of paint color through our computerized auto painting system.

The Painting Process

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First, we hand-sand the hard to reach areas. Once that is complete, we wet sand the repaired area to provide for a smooth finish.

Next, we de-trim the vehicle. This involves removing any pieces that are not a part of the vehicle’s body such as the trim, handles, glass, lights, moldings etc. We then begin the masking process. Masking involves covering up any areas that are not going to be painted with a special paper and tape. This provides protection from paint overspray during the painting process.

Next, we apply sealer to the vehicle. This protects any repaired areas and allows the paint color to adhere evenly. Color paint is then sprayed until the sealer is completely covered. Finally three coats of clear coat spray is applied to give it that glossy shine.

We are a full-service auto body paint shop in Elizabethtown, PA., providing auto painting services for all makes and models of cars, vans and semi-trucks. From a small scratch to a major accident, don’t delay – call us today at 717-367-4505.

Our goal at G&G Body Shop is to provide top quality auto painting, and to get you back into your vehicle as quickly as possible. Our auto body paint shop is large enough to accommodate vehicles ranging from a car up to a semi-truck.

The one to call in Elizabethtown, PA. is G&G Body Shop for all your auto painting needs.

Happy Customers

“A big thank you to Roger at G&G Body Shop for making the Miata look like new again, after someone decided not to stop behind us. Looks like the day we bought it.” – Brett M.

“The guys at G&G Body Shop did a wonderful job repairing the scratches to my paint on my hot rod. You can’t even tell where they were. Thanks G&G!” – Todd T.

We have the ability to paint cars, trucks, and semi trucks

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